"At first, the demands of my profession would unravel the adjustments, leaving me in pain, but through time and patience the adjustments held, returning me to full health.  I would strongly recommend that you see Dr. Mara. As a chiropractor, she is exceptional, knowledgeable on a broad range of health issues that will improve the quality of your life, personable, has a very positive outlook of life and comes from a great family life." ~ASC

"My symptoms ranged from a stiff back and neck, to depression, sinus trouble, and migraine headaches. Dr. Mara’s care improved my quality of life." ~ CB



"After my first adjustment, the baby seemed to drop in my pelvis, and the labor went quickly thereafter.” ~ EH


"I felt instantaneous relief. Even though I am living 1100 miles away now, I try to get her help whenever possible. It has been more than 1 ½ years since I have had those two adjustments. But I have never felt that pain again in the sacrum area. It has disappeared!!" ~ EC

"I was unable to run without excruciating pain. I needed to be able to train for my first marathon. After 3 visits with Dr. Mara, I was able to run a challenging, hilly 8 mile race! I know now that it will only get better as I continue my Chiropractic care." ~ IJ

“I thought having pregnancy cramps on my side was normal – and I never mentioned it – then Dr. T adjusted me and then I never got cramps again!” ~ BH

"I was amazed at how thorough Dr. Mara was. I was stunned at how good I felt after each adjustment. I had a fast and easy labor." ~ CSG



"Dr. Mara’s care has been instrumental in sustaining my own well-being so that I can maintain a support system for myself and my family." ~ JRE



"Her gentle nature and adept skills have allowed my body and my mind to heal from the traumatic experience of Vertigo." ~ JD

“Five months ago I was hit by Guillain-Barre, which is an attack on the nervous system. Due to Dr. Mara’s excellent chiropractic help I am now free of pain and well along on making a full recovery of my legs and feet. I highly recommend chiropractic treatment for any injury of the nerves.” ~ JP

“We have learned that a change in one area can positively or negatively affect other parts of our bodies, and our physical and emotional well-being. Getting adjusted is the sound foundation for a beginning of a healthy and happy life.” ~ JB

“Bringing my baby to Dr. Mara was the best decision I’ve made regarding her health care.” ~ KD

“I had constant pain and the Surgeon said I would never run again… and then I met Dr. Mara…” ~ KG

"I was introduced to Dr. Mara during my pregnancy. I was a big skeptic of chiropractic care at the time. That was almost 4 years ago, and 2 babies ago. I love that there is no pressure to see the Doctor unless it’s needed and that Dr. Mara looks out for your overall health. She has really become a friend, concerned about more than just my spine – she has helped my body, mind and spirit." ~ NK


"I had numbness and tingling in my pelvic area that went down my leg that continued for a fewdays.  Dr. Mara did an adjustment and the numbness and tingling was gone by the time I got home and hasn’t returned since.” ~ SS