Technology that's out of this world…and Super!

Super Bowl champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, star athletes — all are cared for by chiropractors who utilize the Insight technology.

The only technology of it's kids certified by the Space Foundation.

Totally non-invasive and gentle enough for our pregnant and patients.

This is the Insight machine that provides, through a non-invasive spinal scan, a state of the art, technological analysis of the patient's nervous system. The nervous system is the master system in the body controlling and coordinating everything that happens, from the cellular level all the way to organ systems and the whole body.

We now have an objective way to assess this vast system by using this sophisticated piece of equipment. If there is any stress on this system from physical trauma, mental/emotional trauma and/or toxins, we can detect it and then monitor the patients care and progress through these scans.

Insight Diagnostic Technologies